Why Your Offer Needs a Cover Letter

In this crazy market of multiple offers, buyers want to stand out, they want to connect with the seller, tell them why they should be chosen, why they deserve the house. The cover letter is one of the ways to explain yourself to the seller. Buyers like to know why sellers are moving, where are they going, what renovations they completed on the property, etc. Sometimes sellers like to know in a stack of multiple offers, who is getting their house. Yes, it usually comes down to price but a cover letter can’t hurt.

This is a great example of what a cover letter should be, it’s a genuine, funny and an honest letter that ultimately got my clients their dream home!

Dear Seller,

Reality check, you’re selling your totally amazing house in what is indisputably a seller’s market. The ball is firmly in your court. So what’s a buyer, who has fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with your house to do? Sadly, my pockets do not run infinitely deep, though from the moment I saw this house, I wished fervently that they did. Your house…it’s THE. HOUSE. There is no doubt in my mind. When I walked in the door, I was home. It’s a mystical feeling, no? It’s just a house…and yet? It’s not.

Experts (the veritable “they”) recommend a hand written note in case there’s a bidding war; you know, to tug at the seller’s heartstrings. I know it all comes down to money, the best bid, but maybe sometimes it also comes down to the best buyer, with the biggest heart. Schmaltzy? Definitely! Necessary? Absolutely.

So here’s the deal. I won’t write a novel, I’ll just tell you: I’m a first time buyer, and this is my dream house. When I was describing what I wanted to pretty much anyone with an ear, your house was the very embodiment of my “love list”. So I want your house to be my house…our house. Pick us.

Truly yours, we merry band of homebuyers in this very crazy market,

The Buyers (include a photo when possible)

There you have it, a top notch letter that any seller is going to read and appreciate! Always include a warm letter like this, especially if there are multiple offers that are all VERY close in price, this is just what you need to be set apart from the rest!!

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